CMX Dual Shaft and Triple Shaft Mixers are robust, but economical vacuum mixers that handle low through high viscosity products, imparting a wide range of shear conditions.

The central Anchor Agitator is a low shear agitator that creates radial and axial flow patterns as it turns over batches of low to high viscosity products. In a Multi-Agitator Mixing System, the role of the Anchor Agitator is to feed the batch constituents to the Medium and High Shear agitators. Teflon scraper blades improve batch homogeneity and are critical for heat transfer.

The High Speed Disperser/Dissolver is a medium shear blade that imparts shear forces to low to high viscosity products.

In the Triple Shaft configuration, the third shaft is a high-shear, rotor/stator Homogenizing Turbine that imparts very high shear forces to the batch.

CMX Multi-Agitator Mixers

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