Double Arm Mixers handle the highest viscosity products within the process industries. Battaggion Double Arm Mixers are characterized by two tangential sigma or masticating blades that run at differential speeds, mounted inside of a U-shaped, horizontal trough.

Battaggion Tilting Tank Kneaders discharge their finished product through the tilting of the mixing trough, dumping the final batch into a downstream container.

Battaggion Kneader Extruders combine the two blades with a discharge screw that runs below the blades.

Battaggion Press Cover Kneaders combine either the Tilting Tank Kneader or Kneader Extruder configuration with a ram that applies uniform pressure on the material being mixed.

Battaggion Double Arm Mixers are manufactured in capacities from lab units through 10,000 liter production machines.

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