Molteni Double Planetary Mixers and Planetary Dissolvers, utilize heavy-duty, high-torque transmissions driven by hydraulic motors for unsurpassed mixing torque.

Molteni Double Planetary Mixers utilize a unique mechanical arrangement that allows for the planetary mixing shafts to operate at differential speeds, which generate very high shear forces between the intermeshing blades.

Molteni Planetary Dissolvers combine the thorough mixing action of planetary mixers with the high-shear dispersion capability of a high-speed disperser / dissolver.

The Molteni Combi-Speed utilizes special variable volume hydraulic motors to enable this mixer to operate as a Double Planetary Mixer or a Planetary / Dual Dissolver.

Molteni Double Planetary Mixers and Planetary Dissolvers are vacuum rated, with jacketed mixing vessels and are available from laboratory models through 300 Gallon production units.

Molteni Planetary Mixers



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