Three ways CMX can help you solve
production problems when you’re not
ready to purchase new equipment.

  • CMX Reconditioning Service
  • Refurbished Machines ready for purchase
  • New Equipment Rentals

Our technicians have many years of experience with a broad range of domestic and international manufacturer’s equipment such as Ross, Olsa, Premier, Myers, Morehouse, Schold, Reynolds, Day, Littleford, and many others.

CMX expert repair and reconditioning services are available for almost any machine of any manufacturer.
We also stock refurbished machines that are ready for your immediate production requirements.

If you’re looking for rental or lease options talk to us about our extensive range of rental mixers and other process equipment.

Reconditioning case histories:

Ross HDM-40 Gallon Double Planetary Mixer
Ross HDM-100 Gallon Double Planetary Mixer

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