Sand-blasted vacuum hood

New mixing vessel
limit switch

Planetary gearbox
caked with cured product

Rebuilt planetary gearbox
with new bearings, gaskets
and mechanical seals

Ross HDM-100
before reconditioning

New control panel installed

New vacuum pump installed

New hydraulic lifting
arrangement installed

Reconditioning of Ross HDM-100 Gallon Double Planetary Mixer

CMX acquired a used Ross Model HDM-100 Gallon Double Planetary Mixer that was in very bad condition. The air / oil hydraulic lift was completely inoperative, and the internal surfaces were caked with a 1” layer of cured product.

CMX completely disassembled the HDM-100 and replaced the old air / oil lift. The planetary gearbox was completely disassembled and all bearings, gaskets, O-rings, and seals were replaced, including the installation of new mechanical seals.

A vacuum pump was installed, as well as a new control system with a 30 HP VFD, and digital speed readout.

Ross HDM-100



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