Ross HDM-40

Installing right
angle gear reducer

Installation of
new vacuum hood

Ross HDM-40
before reconditioning

New vacuum and lift reinforcing rings

New reinforcing plate
for the lift, on top
of the drive bonnet

Machining of
ring and plate

Welding of reinforcing
ring and plate

Installation of
new motor

Reconditioning of Ross HDM-40 Gallon Double Planetary Mixer

A non-vacuum Ross HDM-40 Gallon Double Planetary Mixer was modified for a client that was interested in a vacuum-rated unit. A reinforcing ring was welded to the drive bonnet for mounting of a new vacuum hood, and all critical surfaces were machined.
The right angle gear reducer and a new 30 HP motor were installed on the drive bonnet.

All bearings, gaskets, O-rings, and seals were replaced in the planetary gearbox. The original gearbox had lip seals, however, CMX installed new mechanical seals to ensure vacuum integrity. The original non-vacuum dust hood was replaced with a new vacuum-rated hood.



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